To keep people moving, we’ve placed public transport at the heart of mobility within the conurbation. Every day we carry the equivalent of the entire population of the Lausanne built-up area – nearly 300,000 people – on our 38 bus and metro lines. More than 1200 staff operate a fleet of buses, trams and trains across a 260 km long network. Our regional lines currently terminate in Cheseaux, Froideville, Moudon, Servion and La Croix-sur-Lutry. Since 2008, the first driverless metro in Switzerland, the m2, has revolutionized mobility in the conurbation in favour of modal transfer.

In five years, tl’s customer base has increased more than 30%. Entrepreneurs in mobility, tl will make a decisive contribution in the years ahead to improving the quality of life of the Lausanne conurbation, with the emphasis on sustainable development: between now and 2025, tl’s vision defines mobility in terms of providing solutions for customers, the aim being to prepare our business for the future so that we can satisfy the expectations of public authorities in relation to modal distribution, as outlined in the Lausanne-Morges conurbation programme (PALM), and cater for the changing needs of our users.