BCV is one of Switzerland’s biggest banks and the leading bank in Vaud Canton – half of the region’s households and businesses bank with us. As a cantonal bank, our primary goal is to support the local economy. We offer a full range of banking services to help individuals, families, and small businesses manage their finances and meet their short- and long-term goals. We also act as a pillar of the local community, sponsoring over 650 events and organizations in fields ranging from sports to the arts. In 2015, we paid the equivalent of CHF 714 per household in taxes and dividends to the cantonal and municipal governments.

Founded in 1845, today BCV employs 2,000 people and has around 70 branches across the Canton. We have a AA rating from Standard & Poor’s – making us one of the world’s top-rated banks not backed by a state guarantee. We are also the Canton’s #1 mortgage provider, financing one out of every three new homes in Vaud.

As a full-service bank, we employ people from nearly 100 different banking-related professions, ranging from retail banking and corporate advisory to highly specialized asset management and trade finance positions. We also draw on skilled support staff to manage our IT systems and keep all our business processes running smoothly.

Important decisions are taken locally under enterprising managers who work closely with their staff, and whose ambitious goals and results-driven approach encourage employees to excel. At the same time, our corporate culture – based on teamwork, collaboration, and personal development – creates the kind of environment where each person’s contribution is recognized and compensated accordingly.
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