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SUCCESS  JOB  is a job search portal opened in January 2016, created by Cabinet SR Conseils, a well known recruiting agency for Executives, Managers and Specialists, since 2001. The job search portal is dedicated to Corporate positions, covering the occupational categories of Marketing, Sales, Administration, Human Resources, Legal, Purchasing and Supply Chain … As you know, these positions do not fall under the broad category of ‘Technical’ in the fields of Engineering, Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical, which also require these specialised services. Owever, we give them to you in the thousands through SUCCESS  JOB BioTech! 

Yes, a second portal is available to enthusiasts in these sectors, which can be accessed through www.successjob-biotech.ch 
or by clicking on BIOTECH !

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Since launching platforms in January 2016, there are over 21,000 different visitors connected to Success Job! Tens of thousands clicks on the various pages and on the Partners e-recruitment system.  

Thank You to the companies and the public organizations that rely on Success Job Corporate and on Success BioTech. 

In this spirit of sharing collaboration, focused on a common visibility in Romandie, each new opening allows a new link with the new Candidates, passive or active in their search for an opportunity. Share on social networks provide a wide variety of links and contacts!

Create a Link between Entreprises and Candidates is the job of Success Job!


SUCCESS  JOB is available to you simply by entering an email address, a password and a few search criteria, which allow you to create and activate your Alert.

No other information is requested from you. There is no need for a first name, last name, CV, or any other information!

And it is 100% free!

SUCCESS  JOB aims to make the process simple, quick, easy and unique. The goal is to break away from existing practices and to provide a service that is helpful and friendly.

As we launch this project, you will no doubt find a few errors, so please accept our apologies in advance!

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